JCJ/ATA, Home of the L and C Tennis Machine for more info. contact coach Leonard this site, or text at 818-800-7802, be sure to mention L and C Tennis Machine, ( established 2018 )  L and C Tennis Machine is developing an elite level of junior tennis player.  This program is not for beginners or those who are not serious and willing to put in the time. Key words: Work and Fun,  in that order. First to apply and be accepted will be given special consideration. 

For Information on the upcoming Recreatonal Coach Workshop at Lancaster City Park Tennis Center, go to ( Events) this site.


For information about private tennis lessons, contact Coach Leonard through this site


Rosamond, CA: Rosamond Park & Recreation

For information on tennis in Rosamond  ( Contact Coach Leonard this site)


Sgt. Steve Ownen Park, formally known as: ( Lancaster City Park Tennis Center ): 43063 10th St. West 93534

One-on-One tennis lessons, four 1 hour private tennis lessons, fee ($145 ) ages 8yrs and up. All levels beginner to advance. For more information contact coach Leonard on this site or e-mail at: ldj1947@aol.com, call or text 818-800-7802 or visit the City of Lancaster's web site:  www.cityoflancasterca.org

Lancaster, CA: Jane Reynolds Park Lancaster, CA 93534

National Junior Tennis & Leaning/USTA ( NJTL/USTA) Contact Site Director: Coach Leonard Johnson this site: Summer/Fall session starts, NOW!

Targets the beginning tennis player.  Loaner rackets provided, 22 to 24 hours of tennis instruction, in this 6 week session. Ages 8 - 17, registration is limited and will take place on the first day of the session through the fourth week of the session, at Jane Reynolds Park, 716 Oldfield St., near W Ave J and Fig on a first come basis. NJTL is a year-round program. Wednesday, Friday  -  4:00 - 6:00pm each day. The program focuses on economically disadvantaged communities in which youth might not ordinarily have the opportunity to experince tennis instruction, however all are welcome. A nominal fee of $15.00 per child for 22 to 24 hours of instruction. There will be a fee adjustment for families with more than one child upon request.

For information on the start date of the next session:          Contact Coach Leonard through this site or call or text: 818-800-7802



Palmdale, CA: Marie Kerr Park, 39700 30th  Street West , ( Parks & Rec.), 661-267-5611
All classes are 8 week sessions, (Little Tennis 1 & 2 classes are 4 week sessions)

ALL CLASSES WILL START ON : Please contact City of Palmdale Depart of Recreation and Culture for the most current class dates. 661-267-5611

Junior Tournament Tennis  Sat. 2:30pm - 4:00pm age: 12 to 17 yrs. This class is for intermediate to advanced players that are at a higher level of play and are currently playing tournaments, high school team tennis, tennis leagues, USTA Junior Team Tennis or aspire to do so. This is not a class for beginners. Player must be able to serve, hit forehand and back hand, volley, keep score, have an [understanding of the court layout,(know what the lines and spaces are and their meaning)]. Have a reasonalble degree of ball control and be able to play and score a set of tennis. Student must also know some very basic rules of tennis. Focus will be on improving technic, footwork, ball control, stroke production and point construction. Minimum class size 4 students, maximum class size 12 students. 8 week session $120.00

Tennis Beginner Adult (Sat. 1:30 - 2:30pm,   18 yrs + 
This is a beginner class. Students will have zero to limited tennis background. Students will learn basic strokes, ( forehand, back hand, serve and volley), basic rules of tennis, scoring and beginning tennis games. Loaner tennis rackets provded. Minimum class size 4 students, maximum class size 10 students, 8 week session, $100.00

Tennis Beginner Junior "Orange Ball" Sat. 11:30am - 12:30pm: Age 7 to 10 yrs.  Student has zero to limited tennis background. Students will learn basic strokes,( forehand, back hand, serve, volley, scoring, basic rules to tennis and sportsmanship). Students who aspire to a higher level of play,( move on to the next level will have the opportunity to be tested at the of the eight week session). Students must pass a test to move to the next level. Loaner tennis rackets provided for students who don't have their own. Minimum class size 4 students, maximum class size 12 students, 8 week session, $100.00 Note: Orange Ball is a low compression tennis ball recommended by the USTA to help this age student have more fun while learning the fundamentals of the game.

Tennis Beginner Junior Sat. 12:30pm - 1:30pm: Age 11- 17 yrs. Student has zero to limited tennis backgroound. Students will earn basic stroke, ( forehand, back hand, serve, volley, scoring, basic rules of tennis and sportsmanship). Students will be tested at the end of the eight week session if they wish to move on to the next level. Loaner tennis rackets are provided for students who don't have their own. Minimum class size 4 students, maximum class size 12 students, 8 week session, $100.00

(4:30 - 6:00pm) Adult 18 years and up.
Have an interest in playing competitive tennis? Movement, balance, ball control, strategy, shot combinations and point construction are highlighted in this class. This is not a class for beginners. All students must bring1 unopened can of tennis balls on the first day of class.  Fee - $120.00  Minimum class size: 2

Little Tennis 1:    Time: 10 to 10:30am Parents are required to assist in class. Students will learn beginning control of the racket and ball, hand/eye corordination, movement and reflexes. Beginning racket skill, fun games and play day. Loaner rackets provided.  $3 materials fee per student. Class is held indoors, ( multi-purpose room at MKP )    THIS CLASS IS CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF REGISTRATION. IT WILL BE REENSTATED IF AND WHEN THERE IS SUPPORT FOR IT IN THE FUTURE.    
Class is conducted on a modified court with slower foam balls. $66.00  4 week session. Max. 8 kids
Ages: 5 to 6 yrs. 

(Contact Coach Leonard this site)
 or call: 818-800-7802

For information about the FLEX LEAGUES click on the News link on this site.

Private tennis lessons, juniors 7yrs.+ or adults 18yrs+, Series of four 1 hour lessons:  Lancaster City Park in Lancaster -$145 Ph# 661-723-6077,  Marie Kerr Park in Palmdale -$180 Ph# 661-267-5611 


 Johnson's Community Junior/Adult Tennis Association
Registration Form
Please fill in all that applys

Student's name (Birthdate)                                                                                                                       


City                                                                                                                                 ZIP              

Home phone                                 Work                                               Cell                                 

Complete below for kids only

Parent's name(only if student is under 18 yrs. old)                                                                                                             

Child's school                                                                                                                                       

In case of emergencey, call phone                                                                                                                                                      


Junior Player Agreement (if under 18 yrs of age)
Each participant will be held to a high standard of conduct and sportsmanship. Acceptable tennis
ware is also required.
I agree to:

1. Give my best effort at all times and cooperate with all program officials and directors.
2. To respect all players, parents and others on and around the tennis court.
3. To not damage or deface any park or tennis program property.
4. Not argue with any official, instructor or program director and maintain a high standard of personal conduct
and sportsmanship in language, action and attitude.

Today's Date____________________Player's Signature_________________________________________

Parents Authorization and Agreement

As parent/guardian of the above student, I hereby consent to my child's participation in this tennis
program. I the parent/gurdian will abide by all program rules and regulations,( detailed information is available upon request from program instructor. I assume all risks and hazard arising for such activities. I approve of the player agreement
that my child has signed.
I will make the coach aware to the best of my knowledge any condition medical or otherwise that
might effect my child during this activity.

This tennis program is designed to take your child through several differnt levels of training with the
goal of competing at a competitive level. Please indicate if your child is interested in being tested.
There is no testing for adults in this program. There will however be adult competitions.

Yes, my child wants to be tested [ ] No, my child is not interested [ ] My child is not sure [ ]

For parent or guardian, I would be interested to volunteer my services for:
Fund raisers, tournaments, other, yes [ ] no [ ] maybe [ ] Please e-mail me information
on special tennis events for my child: e-mail address_____________________________________

Date_______________Parent/Guardian Sgnature_______________________________________